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  • They have been made up of 100% lamb wool in layers of 1,5 m x 1 m (length x width).

  • They have same features as lamb wool.

  • They are organic and extremely healthy and do not contain any chemical substances.

  • There are unlimited color options.

  • Feather length can be adjusted from 8 mm to 30 mm as you wish. The feather length is 45 mm in our product named as Toscana that is left in natural without being trimmed.

  • It is nonwettable. That rate is 1% in synthetic products. Thus, it keeps dry and warm when it is used as lining in the winter shoes and cloths. 

  • It is lighter and scentless in comparison with natural lamb skin. The cutting efficiency is 35% higher since there is no baldness and holes in this product.
  • It has standard production homogenous surface.

  • Our product can be cleaned successfully in dry-cleaning. It can be wiped but cannot be washed.